Fruits 1.1

Attractive match 3 puzzle that resembles casino slots
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With a graphic interface that resembles casino slots, Fruits presents classic match-3 gameplay that turns out quite enjoyable. It consists in moving fruit tiles so as to connect a minimum of three and make them disappear from the board. Each level challenges us to reach a target score, for us to advance to the following stages. The trick is that we need to reach this score making the least amount of moves possible, as there is a status bar that will keep the count of the moves we make, and if it reaches its limit the game will be over.

The game has three levels of difficulty to choose, and a total of three game modes, one of them allowing us to practice before playing for real. The second game mode features a relaxing gameplay, and the other presents a race against the clock that challenges us to achieve the target score before the time runs out.

The program offers a set of options to change some of the game's features: for example, we can play in windowed or fullscreen mode, change the audio settings, or enable a help mode that will display tips and instructions during the game. Before deciding to buy it, you can download a free, fully functional version and try it out for 60 minutes.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Very attractive interface, with pleasant music
  • Easy to play and entertaining
  • Lots of bonuses and combos
  • Several game modes


  • Not original
  • May get repetitive after a while
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